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AI series touch screen PID temperature controller and recorder inherit Yudian’s various typical technologies. It has the function of measurement, display, control, alarm and data recording. There are three size dimensions for selection, 5 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch and total 12 models for option. Thickness of 9 inch recorder is only 38mm which can be easily installed in various types of equipment.


l With 0.1%FS measuring accuracy, support multiple input signals such as thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current and etc, and support extended input specification and user-define nonlinear calibration table.

l Armed with standard PID and AI PID intelligent control algorithm function and advanced artificial intelligence adjustment, self-tuning, adaptive, precise and stable controlling ability.  

l AI-3559/3759/3959 series support output of three-phase three-wire phase shift trigger, forward and reverse of valve, framing or proportional adjustment, etc.

l AI-3556P/3559P/3756P/3759P/3956P/3959P series have ramp soak program control function and adopt artificial intelligence algorithm to gain good controlling ability.

l Low power consumption. Can provide up to 12 months free warranty. ARM chip in dual CPU mode is used to process graphical man-machine interface and data logging function; Individual single chip CPU ensures real time control and sampling, fulfilling strict industrial site requirements; has passed the anti-interface test of 4KV/5KHz burst of pulses.

l Provide data recording and alarm logging functions in the form of reports along with real time trend curve, bar graph and history trend curve. Supports downloading data through USB for further processing on the computer.  

l Embedded with Ethernet socket providing remote monitoring and operation through internet cable.

l There are four internal slots, available for customizing functions by freely installing various modules of analog and digital inputs and outputs.

      When the instrument's own module combination can't meet the customer's requirements, then can connect various types of Yudian temperature modules, switch modules I/O or PLC        through the expansion port and up to dozens of measurement and monitoring circuits.    

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