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AI series multi-channel pid temperature controllers are capable of supporting input of two-wire thermocouple and RTD, output of dual SSR or relay. Every channel can define its own input specification. It can either work independently or work with computer or PLC. They adopt Yudian next-generation technology and achieves high accuracy and immunity to interference the same with single-loop instruments and are designed for a service life of over 10 years and has 5-year free warranty.


 l Providing 2 to 4 channels of configurable inputs, including multiple thermocouple input such as K, S, E, J, B, N, T, WRe5-WRe26 and etc. with auto reference junction compensation or two-wire Pt100 input.
 l High performance hardware design, which greatly decreased temperature drift and interference among every channel. AI-70482 has 4 completely isolated input channels, suitable for thermocouples with negative electrodes connected to the outer casing.
 l With functions of digit calibrating, every input channel has digital filtering, and the filter strength can be adjusted or canceled independently
 l With SSR output, controlling period can be adjusted between 0.48 to 5 seconds.
 l Advanced artificial intelligence adjustment, self-tuning, adaptive, precise and stable controlling ability.
 l Instrument power consumption is75% less than 4 units of single channel instrument.

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