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AI series multi-channel indicator suits for measuring, alarm, transmission and communication of multiple physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, liquid level and etc. Widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, food processing, machinery manufacturing and other fields. Products are designed for 10-year life at least and 3-year free warranty.


 Programmable modular multiple inputs, thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, and two-wire transmitter optional with 0.2%FS measuring accuracy. Every channel supports different input specification and freely defined measuring range, decimal position, resolution ratio, digital filtering strength and 0ther parameters.

 Using high performance component greatly reduces temperature drift and the mutual interference among channels,realizing same accuracy and anti-interference ability as single channel indicator.

 AI-702M, AI-704M/AI-704M2 and AI-706M multi-channel indicators provide 1~2, 1~4, 1~6 channels of measuring, and support internal calculation functions including square root extraction, summation, subtraction and multiplication.

 Support RS485 communication using as lower machine of AIDCS intelligent distributed control system, paperless data logger and touch screen control system. Provide switch signal inputs or outputs to upper machine.

 Up to 2 channels retransmission output when RS485 communication no need. Any input channel can be retransmitted by OUTP port or 6 channels can be cyclically retransmitted. Can be edited as 2 IN and 2 OUT transmitter.

   ● Equipped fixed point/patrol measurement display function and 2 patrol speed selectable.

   ● Supports E5 DIN rail mounted panel, can be edited directly by handheld display E8.