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AI-708H/808H intelligent flow totalizer is designed for a service life of over 10 years and has 3-year free warranty. Suitable for measuring flow of various kinds of liquid, general gas natural gas and etc by using various types of flowmeters such as orifice flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter.


l Accumulate mass, volume or length of medium, provide batch control over the accumulation. As batch controller, it has 4-bit accumulator for control and 12-bit accumulator for total sum individually.

l Modularized and configurable inputs. The flow input can be 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10mA, 4-20mA or frequency signal, special defined input is also available. Temperature input can be configured to RTD(Pt100), thermocouple(K, E, J type) or standard current signal. Pressure input can be standard voltage or current signal.

l AI-808H has temperature and pressure compensation, using for calculation for temperature and pressure compensation for general gas, saturated steam, superheated steam and liquid. The compensation calculation with the method of table look-up has high accuracy in the steam measurement application. Special function can be carried out by enhancing the compensation formula upon customers’ requirements.

l Advanced computation algorithm assures high accuracy in the application of flow measurement even if the input frequency is very low.


  l Measuring accuracy: 0.2%FS for temperature, pressure, frequency and instantaneous flow(without temperature-pressure compensation)

  l Temperature shift: ≤0.01%FS/℃(typical value is 50ppm/℃) for temperature, pressure, frequency and instantaneous flow(without temperature-pressure compensation)

  l Temperature and pressure compensation mode:

        General Gas: temperature-pressure compensation(calculate by equation for ideal gas state)

      Saturated Steam: temperature compensation(table look-up, temperature range: 100℃-276℃)

      Saturated Steam: pressure compensation(table look-up, absolute pressure range: 0.1-3.2MPa)

      Superheated Steam: temperature-pressure compensation(table look-up, temperature and pressure range: 150℃-590℃, 0.1-22MPa)

 General liquid: only use temperature compensation, PA as compensation factor

      Expand formula: special calculation formula available

  l  Calculation accuracy for temperature-pressure compensation: calculation error is less than 0.3%FS, and less than 0.5%FS after compensation

  l  Accumulation accuracy: the error is less than 0.01%FS (just caused by the frequency error produced by crystal oscillator)

  l  Power consumption: ≤5W