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AI series universal intelligent indicator is designed for a service life of over 10 years and has 3-year free warranty. Suitable for measuring and displaying temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity, etc. Widely used in electricity, chemical, metallurgy, food processing and other industries.


l The input can be freely selected as thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, Ohm signal and etc.

l Support up to 4 channels alarm relay output including 2 channels high limit alarms and 2 channels low limit alarms.

l With functions of digit calibrating, digital filtering, and thermocouple cold junction auto compensating, it is free of maintenance and easy operated.

l Support high accuracy retransmission output with accuracy up to 14-bit D/A and temperature drift less than 100PPm/.

l Support RS485 communication interface, widely used for AIDCS, split paperless recorder and touch screen control system.