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AI series power meter includes AI-601 AC power meter, AI-6010 AC voltage meter and AI-6011 AC current meter. AI-601 AC power meter can display voltage or current as well by parameter setting. Products are designed for 10-year life at least and 3-year free warranty. In addition, user can choose Yudian intelligent indicator AI-500/501/700/701/751 for measuring DC voltage or DC current, including 0~20VDC, 0~50VDC, 0~100VDC, 0~200VDC, 0~500VDC, 0~1000VDC or 0~5ADC and etc.


        ● Freely defined measurement scale and decimal point position

● Up to four channels of alarm relay output, including high limit,low limit,second high limit and second low limit.

 Support high accuracy retransmission output with accuracy up to 14-bit D/A and temperature drift less than 100PPm/℃.

● Support RS485 communication to split paperless recorder and touch screen control system.



      ● Input
       AC Current: 0~5A (other input specification can be customized)
      AC Voltage: 0~500VAC (0~250VAC or other input specification can be customized
      Power: Power display range can be freely defined according to the input of AC voltage and current

    ● Measuring accuracy: 0.2%FS (0.2%FS/℃±1 byte)

    ● Temperature shift: ≤0.01%FS/℃(typical value is approximate 50ppm/℃)

    ● Retransmission: PV retransmission output when X3 current module is installed in OUTP slot (max load resistance is 500Ω)

    ● Alarm function: high limit, low limit, second high limit and second low limit.

    ● Power consumption: ≤5W, without any module ≤1W