Application of PID Controller AI-518/AI-719

Column:Chemical Industry Time:2019-03-25
Abstract: This paper takes Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the successful application cases of Yudian products in laboratory equipment.

Abstract: This paper takes Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the successful application cases of Yudian products in laboratory equipment. The article introduces the important links of several types of Yudian products in various laboratory equipment. Through actual operation, it proves that laboratory equipment with Yudian products have the advantages of precise control, high stability and reliability.


With the development of automation today, nearly all industries have strict requirements on automation, especially in the industry of important refining and chemical testing equipment, the testing data is very demanding, and there should be no omissions and falsehoods, otherwise it will affect the company's reputation. The test data is strictly required, and good equipment must be used to work. The test data has high precision for temperature control. The details  application of the U-meter in the asphalt wax content tester and the asphalt film oven are as following

1. Requirements of Asphalt wax content tester, asphalt film oven design

1.1 Main technical parameters

The asphalt wax content tester is designed and manufactured according to the standard requirements of SH/T0425-92 "Method for determination of petroleum asphalt wax content". It is suitable for determining the wax content of road petroleum asphalt by pyrolysis distillation. The instrument conforms to the standard Ministry of Communications of JTL052-2000. Asphalt wax content tester technical parameters: working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +40 ℃; water bath medium: ethanol water bath 300 * 300 * 280mm; cooling average speed: 0.8 ℃ / min; temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃; cooling power: 220V ~ 1.5 horses; heating power: 1KW; Frost power: 70W.

The principle of the asphalt wax content tester is to analyze the flow of the asphalt at a high temperature of more than 500 degrees to determine whether the asphalt is qualified. Its performance characteristics are: small and exquisite design, designed for convenience and practicality. The outer casing of the instrument is made of high quality sheet metal, and the inner liner and the upper cover are made of high quality stainless steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance. There are 3 holes in the cold bath of the instrument, and 3 samples can be made at the same time. It can be used as a comparison sample. The temperature controller is the control core of this product. It is controlled by Yudian high-precision temperature controller. The measurement of the constant temperature bath temperature is carried out by PT100. The sensor is sensitive and reliable, and can quickly and timely reflect changes in its temperature. The output of the temperature controller is the control output, which has high control precision and can be guaranteed within the error range specified by the standard. New energy-saving lighting is installed at the rear of the cold bath, allowing the operator to clearly observe the test procedure. The instrument uses compressor refrigeration technology to quickly cool the instrument after it is turned on to ensure the required cooling capacity. The bath body is made of transparent glass material, which is easy to observe transparently during operation. Asphalt film ovens also have high temperature requirements, and equipment damage may occur if the temperature is displayed incorrectly. It is especially important to choose temperature control to achieve real and effective data, but in the end, Yudian AI secondary instrument control meets the requirements of various types of equipment on site.

2. Equipment configuration

2.1 Hardware Configuratio

Asphalt wax content instruments mainly include Yudian thermostat, manufacturer supporting power button, analyzer instrument, electric heater and factory supporting equipment, etc., mainly control the whole control process through Yudian AI instrument, realize automatic control, and accurately temperature The test brings accurate data.

The thermostat adopts Yudian AI-518/518P artificial intelligence temperature controller and AI-719 artificial intelligence controllers. Main features: The input adopts digital correction system, built-in common thermocouple thermal resistance correction table, accurate measurement, AI-719 precision up to 0.1 level, powerful input and output, with output, alarm, communication interface. Output 4-20MA adjustable valve, heater, solenoid valve and other equipment. Input specifications: thermocouple K, S, R, E, J, T, N; thermal resistance: CU50, PT100. The corresponding time is no more than 0.5s, and the advanced control algorithm of fuzzy logic PID adjustment and parameter self-tuning function are convenient to operate, and the desired value can be adjusted on screen.

3. Conclusion and field application pictures

Through the above brief description and picture demonstration, Yudian controllers has been well applied in our company and has been recognized by many leaders. In fact, Yudian equipment is used in almost all equipment. The controller is fast-response and sensitive, the precision is high, and the control abilityis accurate. This is proved by the quality of our test oils. There are nearly no errors aftering being used in 2008 and has been running smoothly. It can be seen that Yudian temperature controller are our trustworthy products.