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AI series high performance PID temperature controller/ PID controller is designed for users with high requirements for control accuracy, supports three-phase three-wire phase-shift triggering output(AI-733/719), position proportional output for valve motor forward/ reverse control, builds a cascade or proportional control system functions(AI-719 /759) etc, in addition to supporting full functionality of universal PID controller.


Programmable universal input, non-linear input customized multi-point correction function.

Advanced modular construction with multiple output types satisfying requirements of various applications.

With standard PID, AI artificial intelligence adjustment APID, MPT and other adjustment methods, and excellent control characteristics including self-tuning, self-learning function, no overshoot and no undershoot.

Equipped with power-off alarm function to avoid false alarms when powered on.

Support RS485 or RS232 communication interface, can be used as the lower machine for AIDCS, split paperless recorder and touch screen control system.

Allow self-programming operation and self-configured password.

Adopts advanced modular structure, provides various kinds of output specifications and meeting a wide range of applications.

AI-716P/ 719P/ 733P/ 756P/ 759P has program control function and adopts AI artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm with a curve fitting function to obtain a smooth curve control effect.

Anti-interference performance meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility under harsh industrial conditions.